What We Do

A Comprehensive Approach

American offers an easily integrated approach to help you through the valuation and liquidation process. Combining our three areas of expertise – appraisals, liquidations, and asset management – or using each independently, is an option that our clients value most. Either way, you will receive accurate, detailed evaluations, quick turnaround, and a favorable return.


We appraise machinery, equipment, and personal property, as well as commercial and industrial real estate. With full-time senior appraisers and engineers on staff, we provide accurate and timely appraisals and specialized consulting services for most industries from light retail to heavy industrial. Our appraisals cover a wide range of purposes like asset based lending, bankruptcy, insurance, GASB34 and 35, and condemnations. American’s active and dynamic staff is continuously immersed with our clients and engaged in the marketplace. We keep pace with today’s challenging market by participating in continuing education programs that include industry-specific seminars, conferences, and training courses. Our large resources library, valuation review, and compliant reporting assure that we deliver prompt and innovative solutions.


We listen to and understand our client’s requirements or needs and we understand the market. With this valuable knowledge, we design liquidation programs to suit your unique situation which help maximize return on your capital assets. Our full time auctioneers and liquidation specialists provide a complimentary assessment of your project, recommend the most appropriate method of sale, determine the best target market, and implement effective strategies which all contribute to a successful auction. American provides liquidation services in the forum of open cry auctions, sealed bid sales, and private treaty sales, whichever brings the highest return for you.

Asset Management

Because of our knowledge and expertise, American is consistently appointed by the courts to provide testimony at bankruptcy hearings. As court appointed Chapter 7 and 11 trustees, we have the professional skills to take charge of and effectively manage your assets. Our continuous and effective monitoring of the process ensures that all ongoing requirements are met. American’s prudent project management guarantees quick turnaround and successful resolution. With our wide-ranging experience in bankruptcies and receiverships, American is prepared to:

– Operate businesses until buyers are located.
– Provide advisory and management services for companies in Chapter 7 or 11.
– Act as court appointed Chapter 7 and 11 trustees or interim CEOs.
– Manage assets and company.